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Felony Charges For Lewd FaceTime Spree

Cops: Man exposed self during calls to strangers

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Indecent Dialer

MAY 2--A Florida Man admitted that he was naked and masturbating when he dialed “numerous random phone numbers” and exposed himself to unsuspecting strangers who answered his video call, according to police.

Investigators have charged Adam Smith, 35, with indecent exposure and obscene communication in connection with three illicit video calls made earlier this year.

One victim told cops that they answered a call and “observed a white male, completely nude, squatting in front of the camera while stroking his penis.” A probable cause affidavit notes that while the victim was “shocked,” they “managed to take a screenshot of the defendant.”

The call, cops say, came from a number with an 865 area code, which covers Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding counties (Smith was born in Knoxville, according to court records). Two other victims reported receiving obscene video calls from a Florida number.

Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office investigators used subpoenas to Verizon, Google, and the Pinger phone app to link the phone calls to Smith (seen above). Additionally, the screenshot taken by one of the victims showed tattoos identical to those of Smith, whose occupation is listed as “painter” in police records.

When questioned last week, Smith reportedly “confessed to calling numerous random phone numbers and subsequently masturbating over video calls within the past two months.”

A check of Smith’s criminal history revealed that he was convicted in 2019 of indecent exposure and drug charges. According to court records, Smith pulled his car up next to a woman who “observed the subject masturbating his bare erect penis as he was looking at her.” Smith, who was collared shortly after exposing himself, was carrying a bag of crack cocaine when apprehended.

Due to Smith’s prior conviction, the new indecent exposure incidents have been charged as felonies. Smith bonded out of jail Tuesday and is scheduled for arraignment on June 3.

Smith’s rap sheet includes convictions for grand theft, uttering a forged instrument, cocaine possession, driving with a suspended license, and probation violation. (2 pages)