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Grandma, 103, Battered By Kin, Police Charge

Grandson, 52, busted after 4 AM confrontation

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Grandma Battery

OCTOBER 12--A man charged with battering his 103-year-old grandmother claimed to police that he put hands on the centenarian after she “came at him” during a 4:15 AM confrontation in the Florida residence they share.

Responding early yesterday to a noise complaint, cops spoke with Cecilia Baksis about domestic skirmishes with her hulking grandson Gregory, 52.

According to a felony complaint, the woman told deputies that Gregory would “repeatedly” come into her room and try to wake her around 4 AM, while also verbally abusing her. She also alleged that her kin--who is 6’ 3” and 237 pounds--would “slap her about her face” and “grab her by the head and shake her.”

Cecilia said that Gregory removed the mattress from her bed and “then pushed her onto the boxspring causing her pain.” While Cecilia had no visible marks on her face or back, cops noted, she had “bruising on both arms in the elbow area.”

During questioning, Gregory denied striking his grandmother, but admitted trying to wake her before dawn yesterday “because she is always waking him early,” police reported. He claimed to have only grabbed his grandmother by the arms “and sat her down on the boxspring” after she came at him.

As for why the mattress had been removed, Gregory claimed “he was taking the sheets off to launder them.”

Pictured above, Gregory was arrested for battery on a person 65 years of age or older, a third degree felony. The complaint indicates that he showed an “indication of alcohol influence” when deputies arrived at the Largo home.

Gregory is being held in the county jail, where bail appears not to have been set. A judge today ordered him to have no contact with his grandmother.

He was arrested in May for causing a drunken disturbance at his girlfriend’s residence, where he was allegedly “verbally abusive,” instigated a fight with a neighbor, and grabbed a second neighbor by her arm. Gregory was charged with disorderly conduct, but prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue the misdemeanor case. (1 page)