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"Pee Napkin" Prompts Fight, Domestic Bust

Here's what happens when you don't social distance

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Mall Strangle

MARCH 24--Like any good Florida story, this one begins with a naked couple brawling inside a car parked at the mall.

Late Sunday evening, cops responded to the Clearwater Mall after receiving a report about a fight in progress. Witnesses told officers that after hearing a woman screaming “within the parking lot,” they discovered “the two naked within the car and wrestling with each other.”

Cops separated the couple, identified in an arrest affidavit as Robert Janisch, a 21-year-old Minnesota resident, and his girlfriend of six months (both of whom “admitted to drinking alcohol today”).

During police questioning, the pair each said that a physical confrontation occurred after they finished having sex inside the vehicle.

The woman, cops reported, said after she “had intercourse with [Janisch] in their car, she had to urinate. She did so outside of the car.” And that is when the trouble began. “After she wiped herself she accidentally threw the napkin on” Janisch.

Upon reentering the car, the couple began arguing and Janisch, police allege, choked the victim for several seconds, prompting her to scream for help.

After being read his rights, Janisch reportedly told police he became “irate after she threw the pee napkin on him.” Janisch, cops say, declined to “advise who became physical first,” but claimed that the marks on his girlfriend’s neck “may have been from the beach.”

Pictured above, Janisch was arrested for domestic battery by strangulation and booked into the county jail. Janisch, who lives in Apple Valley, a Twin Cities suburb, remains behind bars in lieu of $5000 bond. He has been ordered to have no contact with the victim. (1 page)