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Man Is Facing Felony Rap For Spoon Theft

Suspect said $1.12 utensil needed to "eat his Captain Crunch with"

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Walmart Spoon Theft

SEPTEMBER 25--A man arrested last night for stealing a spoon from a Walmart told Florida cops that he swiped the utensil because he “needed one to eat his Captain Crunch with.”

Gregg Lerner, 46, was collared around 11 PM Thursday after walking out of a Walmart in St. Petersburg without paying for the $1.12 metal spoon. Lerner was stopped by store security and detained until a cop arrived at the business.

According to Officer Michael Romano, Lerner, pictured below, “advised that he did steal the spoon, for he needed one to eat his Captain Crunch with.” Lerner was not in possession of any narcotics or drug paraphernalia when taken into custody.

Since Lerner’s rap sheet includes two prior convictions for theft, he was charged with a felony for the alleged spoon heist.

Lerner, a convicted felon who has done several stretches in state prison, is locked up in the county jail on $2000 bond. (1 page)