Cops: Life-like Body Was Not A Lifeless Body

"Woman" was found in abandoned Porsche

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Life-like, Not Lifeless

JUNE 14--When a Texas tow company worker discovered what appeared to be a woman’s body in the front passenger seat of an abandoned Porsche, he dialed 911 to report his concerning find.

The body had been wrapped in blankets, though hair on its head was visible from outside the vehicle.

When police responded Wednesday to Ray's Wrecker Service in Vidor, a city just east of Beaumont, they decided to apply for a warrant to search the vehicle, a red 2000 Porsche Boxster with Ohio plates that had been left outside a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses church.

Cops noticed that the coupe’s passenger door had an interior padlock on it. “Looking towards the passenger side floorboard I saw what appeared to be part of a leg,” stated Officer Matthew Custer in an incident report detailing the “death investigation.”

After waiting several hours for the warrant to be signed, officers entered the vehicle to determine if they were investigating a real crime.

Instead, the victim in question was a RealDoll.

The full-size, realistic sex toy was subsequently described as an “adult novelty mannequin” when Police Chief Rod Carroll announced that the life-like body was not a lifeless body.

The sex doll was left in the Porsche, where, as seen above, it was photographed wearing two hats and had a pair of sunglasses pushed above its unblinking eyes. The doll’s brown locks cascaded down the front of its long sleeve t-shirt.

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