Grandpa Calls 911 To Report His "Lazy" Grandson

Man, 72, reported that teen refuses chores

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Lazy Grandson 911 Call

APRIL 29--A 72-year-old Ohio man called 911 to report that his teenage grandson was a layabout who refused to do household chores and spent his day playing on his computer, according to a police report.

Edward Friel told Lorain County Sheriff’s Office deputies that he has custody of his 17-year-old grandson Justin, whom he said was “lazy and does nothing around the house.”

The elder Friel summoned police to his South Amherst home Saturday morning after asking Justin to “do some work around the house.” When the teen “continued to play on the computer,” Friel “cut the internet cable cord since he was not listening to him,” investigators reported.

The teenager (seen at right) became incensed and punched a hole in a kitchen wall before leaving the home and walking into nearby woods. “Mr. Friel stated Justin did not threaten him but is tired of him being lazy.”

No charges were filed in connection with the damage to the wall (or the boy’s laziness). Friel advised that he “would handle the discipline” of his grandson. (2 pages)