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Hall And Oates Involved In Bloody Battle

"Maneater" busted after biting Ohio neighbor's face

Hall & Oates

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Hall & Oates Assault

DECEMBER 12--Hall told cops that he was bitten by Oates during a bloody confrontation Sunday night, according to a police report.

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Deputies with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the home of Scott Hall, who reported that he had been bitten over the eye by Roger Oates. Hall “suffered a significant injury above his left eye,” noted investigators, who added that it appeared a “chunk of skin had almost been completely bit off.”

Hall, 40, said that he was in his garage watching football on TV when Oates (seen at right) arrived and charged at him in a “‘bull rush’ fashion.” Hall said that Oates and a cohort knocked him to the ground and began assaulting him.

During the altercation, Hall told deputies, Oates “bit him above the left eye causing the injury to his head.” Hall said that Oates, 48, was angry with him because he would not testify on his behalf in a court case.

While Hall was being treated at a hospital, investigators went to Oates’s residence, where the suspect grappled with deputies who tried to take him to the ground. Oates was eventually handcuffed with the aid of a Taser (his sidekick, Ronald Mantz, was also collared).

En route to jail, Oates, who “appeared to be highly intoxicated,” reportedly admitted that he made a mistake by going to Hall’s home, but claimed that Hall “swung at him first.”

Oates, who is being held at the Erie County jail in lieu of $50,000 bond, was charged with felony assault, resisting arrest, and obstruction. Hall, who was not charged, was treated at a hospital emergency room near his home in Norwalk. (3 pages)