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Issa Aide Linked To Weiner Twitter Tormentors

Duo sought guidance from GOP congressman’s flack

Anthony Weiner

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Stack-Wolfe E-mails

JUNE 6--The online duo who spearheaded a vicious months-long Twitter assault on Representative Anthony Weiner--whom they accused of improper contact with underage girls--apparently consulted with an aide to a powerful House Republican as they mulled over how to release information about Weiner’s purported relationship with a Delaware teenager, The Smoking Gun has learned.

In a series of e-mails exchanged on May 25, Mike Stack and his Twitter sidekick “Dan Wolfe” discussed a Tumblr posting by the high school student that they believed showed she was having “private conversations” with Weiner. Wolfe, who noted that he had made screen captures of the girl’s Tumblr blog, exclaimed, “This is MAJOR!”

Beginning earlier this year, Stack (a porn site moderator) and Wolfe (whose true identity is unknown) have carefully monitored Weiner’s Twitter page to catalogue the young women being followed by the New York Democrat. In several instances, they have sent tweets directly to these women “warning” them about the politician.

The insinuation in these messages--as well as in postings on their individual Twitter pages--was that Weiner was a predator.

After Wolfe told Stack about making the screen captures from the girl’s Tumblr page, Stack suggested how they could release the information: “I think that since we have the stuff screencapped we call or email his office. But cc a whole bunch of people asking for a comment.” But Stack then noted, “She is underage, however. Let me email Darrell Issa press sec.”

Stack, e-mails reveal, was referring to Seamus Kraft (pictured above), press secretary and “director of digital strategy,” for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which is chaired by Issa, a California Republican. Issa, who has called the Obama administration “corrupt,” is effectively the leading congressional investigator.

In an e-mail to Wolfe, Stack wrote, “This guy Seamus Kraft is awesome.” Stack noted that he was referred to Kraft by a woman who had recently worked for Issa’s committee. The female staffer, Stack said, “thought I would be good at keeping Seamus and Mr. Issa up to date with ethics and BHO [Barack Hussein Obama] issues around the clock.” Stack then remarked, “They have proven to be great allies,” adding that Wolfe should “Follow mr Issa at @darrellissa.” Issa is seen below.

Asked this afternoon about Weiner-related contacts with the toxic Twitter Twins, Kraft said, “I don’t recall that right now.” After saying that, “I have exchanged e-mails with Mike Stack before” Kraft promised he would call back a reporter in 15 minutes after conducting some research. By press time--nearly two hours later--Kraft had not called back with the results of that research (though Kraft did start following TSG's Twitter feed at 2:55 PM).

On May 25, as Stack and Wolfe continued to discuss how to release their purported Tumblr find, Wolfe wondered whether they should even give Weiner a heads-up, since it “will give him time to react. I think we should just run with it on Twitter/Blogs. Don’t give him time to react or make up more lies, etc.” In another communication to Stack, Wolfe seemed anxious to “launch our plan. I can’t wait!” 

This aggressive approach was standard for Wolfe and Stack, who had spent months excoriating Weiner over his looks, his supposed sham marriage to a Hillary Clinton aide, and even his wife, whom they accused of having ties to al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. An online crony of the duo even launched a fake Twitter account--“@repneedledick”--that also viciously singed the liberal Democrat.

And, of course, on May 5 Wolfe and Stack began enthusiastically (and presciently) floating a rumor that a “big time” congressman was facing a scandal involving compromising photos. Wolfe tweeted, “@RepWeiner are you this Congressman?” In an interview, Stack told TSG that Wolfe was the source of the photo rumor, which he claimed to have heard from someone who worked for the Drudge Report. The timing of Wolfe’s rumor-mongering is more curious considering today’s disclosure on the Big Government blog that Weiner began sending “intimate photos” to an unnamed “young woman” on May 4.

During their May 25 correspondence, as the duo further discussed how to handle their “MAJOR” forthcoming Tumblr disclosure about Weiner, Stack wrote Wolfe to tell him that he had copied him on an e-mail, which apparently was sent to Kraft, the Issa aide. “Let’s see what Mr. Issa says. Talk in an hour,” added Stack, who is pictured in the mug shot at right.

Wolfe wrote back to caution that, “we have to be very careful who even in gop we tell.” He noted, for example, that Weiner was friendly with Jason Chaffetz, a second-term congressman from Utah who “has said publically he was at Weiner’s ‘wedding.’ I don’t know who else from the other side Weiner is friendly with but at this point I don’t trust many. I don’t want anyone giving him the heads up so he can scramble and wipe away all traces of this.”

A “paranoid” Wolfe would later write of his concerns that “there are a lot of RINO’s [Republican In Name Only] out there that would alert Weiner.”

In response, Stack vouched for the 26-year-old Kraft, who last year earned $76,599 working for Issa’s committee. Kraft, a Georgetown University graduate, previously worked in the Bush administration and took the House post days prior to Obama’s January 2009 inauguration.

The May 25 correspondence between Wolfe and Stack stretched into the evening. After Wolfe asked, “Hey bro! Any news from Seamus?,” Stack replied, “not yet. he was in the office but didn’t get to me.”

At 8:41 PM, Wolfe wondered, “You think we should wait til tomorrow?” Thirty minutes later, Stack answered, “unless you wanna do tonite…Seamus will get back to me in the morning, but we don’t need to wait for him. He can be of help later on if needed.” (4 pages)

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Actually, that's not a bad idea. Average people take drug tests and lie detector tests, so why not the politicians who hold the nation's wallet and security of our children in their hands. Normally, spelling errors and typos don't bother me, but if YOU' RE going to call someone else dumb, you should check YOUR spelling first and then not sound even more immature by using insulting language. Do you think before you post?
He didn't run on the "I like tweeting cockshots to younger women" campaign did he?
Sheesh! All these years as a lurker, and I had NO IDEA that TSG was a KOS/Huffpo clone. Please let the idiocy above be the fault of some loose cannon libtard mod??
Yea, their in the tank...drinking the'll be surpised by who owns the TSG some reseach!
Looks like TSG is owned by Turner Broadcasting. Now we know.
Democrats, republicans - they're all ***ed up. But republicans, remember - it's YOU trying to have surveillance cameras installed in everyone's bedrooms, especially gay male couples. Because most republican men wastes womens' time when they're all about homosex. What's that all about? And don't say you're not trying to do that! How can you regulate what's going on in somebody's bedroom if you don't have surveillance or somebody standing by watching? You can't get any more sexually ***ed up than THAT!
scott2011- sounds like you have sexual issues...maybe your father didn't love you enough or just a little to much...chill out it will be ok...
I'm not the one trying to get involved in everyone's bedroom business, unlike you. I don't have to sneak around on anybody. YOU do.
"I'm not the one trying to get involved in everyone's bedroom business," Correct. As a Democrat, you only want to control EVERYTHING ELSE.
LOL! I'm no democrat! I'm from the "f**k off and mind your own business" party. And that's NEITHER republican or democrat. Nice try though! Republicans are just funnier - they claim to hate gay people but they're experts on weird sex acts, homosex and telling kids all kinds of disgusting things they don't want or need to hear.
Then you must love Republicans then.....if only they'd love you, boo hoo!
I don't know any Republicans who claim to hate "gay people". I do know that Democrats hate women...just ask Ed Schultz.
Pretty funny that so many conservatives seem so obsessed with a Jewish New York congressman's c@@k. Just sayin'.
It's pretty obvious that the one person most "obsessed with a Jewish New York congressman's c@@k" is the obsessed Jewish New York congressman. The best thing you can say is he didn't drown a woman then walk home and sleep off a drunk... He'll never be a Kennedy (or a Schwarzenegger). He should stay in congress. The democrats need another albatross.
That's nothing. Republican men have been begging to see Obama's "uncut" dick for years. They're such dick-crazed perverts they can't leave a little room for the imagination! Who cares how big Obama's dick is? Who cares the size (what republican men REALLY want to know), the color, the shape, whether or not he's circumcised. I'm gay and I'M not that dick obsessed - republican men have me beat in the "checking out men" department.
More interesting would be to see Michele Obama's dick.
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I'm not dick obsessed - I'm not married so I don't have to sneak around like a kid in a candy store the moment the wife is out of sight. I'll get it when I want it and I don't have to tiptoe around no family. But nothing's funnier than all these allegedly "straight" republican men demanding Obama show his dick. GOOGLE IT! Every few months, the republicans and "birthers" demand Obama prove he is circumcised (for whatever reason) - something having to do with them thinking all American born men ARE circumcised. Not all are, so what would be the point? I read what's going on, I don't need Fox News or MSNBC to tell me anything. Maybe republicans should start asking Obama if he wears boxers or briefs. Does he use Trojans or Magnums? This is the stuff republican men wants to know.
Then, what do you read? GayAgenda? 365Gay? (Ooo, the Folsum St. Fair is coming going?!!!). You shouldn't stick to just one news source, especially those that tend to ignore the rest of the world because you'll miss out on reality. Scott2011, I'm sorry that you feel the way you do. Somehow, you feel you've been wronged by someone on the right (maybe you have) and all your raw emotions are on display for the world to see. Please seek professional psychiatric help. This comment section isn't the place to lay out your obsessive rants and emotional issues because we can't help you here. You'll only end up feeling worse about yourself because you're sure to make others want to puke.
Sounds like you want to see it more you are the one that is ranting about it...some people are to dump to post!!!
I'm neither republican or democrat, and unlike republicans, I haven't demanded to see Obama's dick. Don't try to run from that fact! Republicans have been demanding Obama SHOW HIS DICK.
Scott - I am happy to know that you are a proud democrat! Please stay that way.
Boy - TSG just won't give up trying to discredit the people who exposed this pervert. Could you at least try to appear unbiased - I mean come on TSG. Weiner is a sex predator who was continually looking for on-line sex thrills with whomever he could find. Then to top it all off he LIED! He LIED directly to the news cameras and tried to claim he is a victim - BOO-HOO. This is a typical response of a weak man who cannot and will not take any responsibility for his actions. I hate to say this is very typical liberal reaction. I predict that next he will claim that he was molested as a child and he is not responsible for anything he has done or said. If TSG was not run by a bunch of liberal PUXXIES they would be posting the lewd pics and exposing this man for the lying POS that he is.
Wow man, shady right wing nutjobs involved in a conspiracy against a liberal politician followed by a cabal of right wing trolls posting their pathetic drivel in the comments section of the story outing the sadsacks. I've never seen that before. Truly shocking. There are more than enough scumbags to go around in this story.
Really, you're sticking with 'vast right wing conspiracy', even after the news conference yesterday? Hillary, is that you?
Prove that it's not and I'll prove I'm not Hillary. And you know how I'll prove it. Have a nice day Rush.
The guy standing in front of the news cameras and saying 'I did it, those are my pictures, I sent them, and then I lied and tried to cover it up' wasn't enough to convince you? He did all of these things himself - which part of it do you think the 'right wing conspiracy' was responsible for?
mike67s- No use trying to rationalize with these people...the true ain't in they can't see it...
'Tormentors'? 'Flack'? Not exactly objective words; I think the bias of the the editors at TSG is showing. Would TSG call itself a 'tormentor' and its sources 'flacks' when it puts out potentially embarrassing information about someone else? Why is TSG investigating the sources, instead of the congressman?
It appears TSG is having a difficult time accepting the fact Weiner the Liberal Lion is nothing more then a sex pervert. The story is Weiner is a pervert and a liar. Yet every liberal media outlet continues to avoid that issue he lied to them but that does not matter sarah Palin talking about Paul Revere is far more important! Weiner will remain in office because that does not matter to his own party and constituents. Their lies the real problem!
It appears TSG is having a difficult time accepting the fact Weiner the Liberal Lion is nothing more then a sex pervert. The story is Weiner is a pervert and a liar. Yet every liberal media outlet continues to avoid that issue he lied to them but that does not matter sarah Palin talking about Paul Revere is far more important! Weiner will remain in office because that does not matter to his own party and constituents. Their lies the real problem!
Wow. You've been signed up for a whole week and how has TSG repaid your loyalty? By totally reporting on the identities who brought this story to light!!! Que horrible! JoshBliss member for 2 hours 39 min || TruthBearer member for 1 week 4 days || bend the wire member for 3 days 1 hour || noindex member for 2 hours 21 min || libtardTSG member for 6 hours 2 min || Bob789 member for 1 day 22 hours || Riceroni member for 3 hours 33 min || It's going to be tough replacing such devoted fans of the site such as yourselves. I'm certain TSG is going to miss all of your patronage. Your contributions will be missed. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
@Astrobuster, I have visited this site for 5 or 6 years, not 2 hours and 39 minutes. I didn't find this story on Google, I found it because I visit the site regularly. I signed up for an account a few hours prior to posting my comment because I prefer to read stories, not comment on them. I know enough to know you changed the website's format a couple of months ago - something I'd only know by reading with some frequency. FARK regularly posts your mugshot roundups as well.... Either way, I now know that unless someone comments on this site (which gets relatively few comments) you won't blink twice about running them off if they don't subscribe to your view point. Astrobuster, seriously, TSG has been a good site... But if it's going to turn into a left wing hack site, then please tell me what the point of that is? It's your site, you can do with it what you want. But a lot of people (like me) visited this site because it offered something different besides politics and gawking at celebrities. If you want to give that up for hack politics, it's your right. but I think you'll burn a lot more long term readers than you ever thought you had.
Do you think we're going away on our own just because you're trying to use intimidation against us (just as a typical leftist always does)? Do you work for TSG? Are you the one responsible for all the conservative posts that have been removed and other's who've had their accounts blocked? If all of us end up being blocked, then TSG will only lose a lot of readers as time goes by because we won't be silent about it. I've told a lot of people to visit TSG because of the interesting documents they report, so they should be thanking me and others like me who also have visited and invited others. You should be the one to be blocked for trying to scare off so many readers away from this website.
You are amazingly funny. I haven't seen the word "leftist" used so much since the McCarthy HUAAC hearings. Whenever you resort to using the lingo of the Cold War to describe someone, you instantly lose credibility. McCarthy's HUAAC and Senate hearings were all exposed as a sham to keep his power growing. Sen McCarthy died a broken, brain-damaged drunk. Yet, here you are, using that lingo from a disgraced and petty man as your own. I understand that you have to find some way to differentiate yourself from "liberals" (woogity-boogity-boogity), but how about you do it by showing instances of actual leadership from an elected person who professed to have conservative ideals that they lived by each and every day? Attacking TSG doesn't give you any credibility any more than calling someone a "leftitst" or "libtard" does. When Clinton was president, you flat earthers saw black helicopters in the sky and spent eight years whining about a failed real estate deal. Ross Perot and David Koresh were your idols, even though neither of them had done much worth celebratiing if you are an average everyday middle class American. Where was your whining when they guy you last elected was more liberal with US citizens' cash than any of the last 6 Democratic presidents? Where what your call to action when the successful removal of government oversight of Wall Street led to the closest near collapse of the global financial markets since the Great Depression? You've got all this space to say your piece and all these places to say it. For God's sake, I hope calling someone a "leftist" like a stupid 1950's movie extra isn't the extent of your consideration of the matter. Because my read of all your comments here (and those of the other "conservatives" who feel they must defend a man driving a Sherman Tank with a nuke) sounds like the most desperate cry for help ever.
...Wow. Just... wow. You are the winner of the internet. Congratulations.
Astrobuster, it's spelled "Internet". Not internet. Congratulations.
Astrobuster, it's spelled "Internet". Not internet. Congratulations.
What you miss is that people are often long-time readers of a site, but a controversial (biased?) story like this is what spurs them to create an account to comment. The 'membership dates' have nothing to do with how many times they visit the site, or how long they've been doing so - and by the way, the ad revenue comes from the visits, not from the posts.
if cannonfire's theory turns out to be true, the original photo was inverted and cropped to hide the joke of an arm inside clothing, someone has a lot of explaining to do. Paste from Twitter: Not only wasn't it Weiner's weiner, it wasn't even a weiner, but an arm strategically placed, thus the "Joke"
It's sad to see a once great blog sink to this level. Now it enters a new phase of it's demise. Personal water carrier for a disgraced politoco named Weiner. Well, there are other great sites that cover the crime genre as good or better. Dreamin Demon, The Weekly Vice, True Crime report, People You'll See In Hell. I came here for crime news and your site tried to indoctrinate me with your politics. No thank you. Why don't you focus on the topics people visit this site to see instead of engaging in this nonsense?
TSG has officially lost any shred of credibility it had. No reason to waste any fraction of my life here anymore. Sad, desperate stuff really. Really sad.
Come on TSG.....this isn't the story. The story is a lying perverted congressman who got caught with his pants down. When Senator Ensign had an affair with a staffers wife I don't remember any hatchet jobs on the staffers wife. Don't shoot the messenger here. Your extreme bias is showing.
These right-wing douchebags are some real slimy *** snakes. I stand with Anthony Weiner who's a true voice for "We The People". I bet once we start digging into all of these far-right asshats closets no telling what we'll find. This is romper-room compared to the shiat that Ensign and Vitter pulled.
So, now "We The People" are all sex perverts? Maybe you are, but don't go putting everybody else in pervertland with you and Weiner. And see what I mean about Democrats being vengeful and wanting to go into the rights' closets and digging up dirt on them? You just don't get it, do you, riceroni? I'm sorry (no, I'm not actually), but what Ensign and Vitter did was not as bad as what Weiner did (we don't know exactly what all else he did, anyway). What Weiner did was definitely unethical because it involved many young women and it was also juvenile which proves my point about Democrats being too immature to run the country. And how aboout Weiner crying crocodile tears today? What a performance! If he were really crying, I'm sure his big honker would have been pouring tears and there were none despite him trying to squeeze some out. He should have done the right thing and resigned, but now whenever we see him or hear his name, all the public will think of is the ugly sight of him in his underwear and how he's screwing the American people with his name.
Did you say you want to stand near his weiner and that you are an asshat in the closet?
this is TOO rich...TSG digging up dirt on the people who exposed the DIRT BAG. A very nice day for you, isn't it. ANTHONY just cut you off at the knees, after your big exclusive trash article. i can just see them now -- the TSG hatchet job crack team meeting in their Situation Room. "let's go dumpster diving...weeeeeeeeee!" Give it up, you little weenies. I mean wienies. You've been had.
This is what happens when people vote for someone named Weiner who looks like one. Perhaps he should have changed his name to Frank or something more appropriate.You don't see Barney Frank having a scandal on his head.......oh, wait....
The smoking weiner would be better name for this site now days defend the Weiner I guess you pick and choose your scumbags to defend.