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Eighth Graders In Oral Plea

Students engaged in classroom sex while teacher present

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Eighth Graders In Oral Plea

DECEMBER 18--A pair of Georgia eighth graders this week copped to public indecency charges after they engaged in oral sex while a substitute teacher was helping other students at the front of the classroom. The incident, which occurred earlier this month at a public middle school, initially went undetected since "several students were sitting to block the view of the teacher while the incident occurred."

According to a Warner Robins Police Department report, a male student asked a female classmate to perform the sex act, and the girl agreed. With her view obstructed, the substitute was unaware of the underage sex occurring a few rows away (as a result, the educator has been bounced from the county's list of approved substitute teachers).

However, fellow classmates observed the December 4 encounter and reported it to a Warner Robins Middle School administrator. Though none of the students apparently clued in the substitute teacher about the sex act as it was happening during fourth period.

During a Houston County Juvenile Court hearing this week, the students--whose names are confidential due to their ages--admitted to public indecency and disrupting a public school. As part of the plea, sodomy charges against both students were dropped, and a probation violation count leveled against the boy was dismissed.

After being held at a youth detention facility, the girl was released to her parents's custody. The boy, however, remains locked up, according to a law enforcement official. (2 pages)

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Where in the hell were these little girls when I was eight grade?
The boy remains locked up. Typical BS. The girl is just an innocent victim I'm sure. /sarcasm
lol wow. i dont even know what to say about this.