Hospital Sex With Student Sinks Teacher

Cops: Texas woman trysted with recuperating teen

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Fort Worth Teacher Bust

NOVEMBER 18--A Texas science teacher charged with having sex with a male student first engaged in illicit conduct while the teen was hospitalized for an injury sustained during a high school football game.

That’s just one of the creepy revelations in an arrest warrant filed against Jennifer Lee Riojas, 25, who was arrested yesterday for sexual assault of a child. Riojas is pictured at right in a mug shot taken after a prior drunk driving arrest.

Riojas’s alleged involvement with the boy began last year when he was a 16-year-old sophomore at Fort Worth High School, where she worked as a ninth-grade teacher. The teen told cops that “once he got to know” Riojas, she would attend his football games and he “would spend his lunch period” in her classroom.

After the student was injured last December during a game, Riojas visited him at Fort Worth Hospital. There, the boy told detectives, “they engaged in sexual intercourse” in his hospital bed.

Subsequent sexual encounters occurred at local hotels, the victim recalled, adding that Riojas used a discount coupon when paying for one room.

Riojas, who resigned her job in the wake of an internal probe launched last month by the Fort Worth Independent School District, declined this month to be interviewed by police. Following her arrest yesterday, Riojas was released from jail after posting $20,000 bond. (4 pages)

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If only I would have had a cute teacher like her, I would still be in school and years ago I was lucky enough to have had a girlfriend that wanted sex when I was in the hospital so we did it in the chaplins room and yes it made me feel real good .
no one deserves a free pass when they assualt a minor its not right like if this was ur kid, Redrover. i bet other than saying hellya man yourt wife would want her ass served. this is the day when kids trust teachers who are hot and think its a dream come true but honestly im seventeen and i have some hot teachers at my school. its wrong cause it breaks so many rules and plus wat if she go pregent from that kid there goes his life hsi season his dream to play football. now he has to work at some low end paying job to provided for child support and he has to bear the shame of it.
Um... if an adult has sex with a minor, it's called statutory rape and it's a crime. Do you seriously believe child support would be imposed on the victim of that crime?
I bet she gave great....dic-tation... But seriously, could be a case of histrionic personality disorder:
One poster wrote: "NO LEGAL ADULT SHOULD BE HAVING SEX WITH A MINOR." While I agree with that statement wholeheartedly, I would add, no person should be having sex with someone they are not married to. But that is another subject. Yet let me give you the same from another side. My late father-in-law was 28 when he met my mother-in-law. She was 15. They had a child out of wedlock but married a short time after. They were married 40 years, and produced 10 children. My only issue is with today's narrow-mindedness. While I understand the desire to protect "minors," sometimes there is a true love that is present. I remember reading about a similar case where a legal adult and a minor conceived a child out of wedlock, but married before the child was born. When the officials did the math, they put him in jail! Now come on people! Much of this is indeed protection, but that is madness -- especially since this society hypocritically tells minors that when you feel the moment, then use a condom. I am kind of glad for my late father-in-law that this madness did not exist in his day and this family was not disrupted. While I still believe that NO ONE should engage in sex outside of marriage, yet if the "May-September" relationship does happen and they show their love by marriage, they should be left alone.
Although the 'teacher' deserves what she gets because she knew it was illegal and unprofessional to have sex with a minor student, I doubt that the student was harmed in any way as a result of this tryst. He probably enjoyed it just as much as she did and may have even equally participated in it to begin with.
Naahhh...after thinking it over, I have to agree with Redrover. Merry Christmas all!
If this boy had been 18, how does two years change anything?
If this were a man I would be strongly in favor of at least 20 years in prison and mandatory sex offender registry for life. However, since it's a hot looking chick, she deserves a free pass. She's way too attractive to go to prison.
I agree. Just tell her to wait until the kid's a senior next time. That's why they invented vibrators.
At age 25, one would have to be an utter mental midget to want to bang a sixteen year old. Sixteen year olds may have adult sexual organs and a huge sexual appetite, but they are emotionally immature. Only an idiot would want to do something that would create such an incredible mess in their life. At the age of 18 I had a 16 year old boyfriend. He was as emotionally immature as one might imagine and it didn't last more than a month. Once I was much older than 18, the high school boys started looking like children to me. At any rate, this woman should be prosecuted for criminal stupidity if nothing else.
Wait a minute... One line calls him a football player, and further down he is labeled as a child? Bottom line....the kid got his jollys Willingly and then though nothing of destroying a friend's/lover's carrier What A LOSER !
I can see most of the comments are from a bunch of horny older men here. Go figure. As a Mother of a teenage boy, I recognize the fact that they will score with whomever they can. It's nature. However, what you don't want to see happen as a Mother is for your teenage son to get laid by someone with obvious moral defects who is way too old for him. What you want for them is a nice girl who isn't passing it around like a hooch. This one wasn't smart enough to find herself an actual "Man" instead of a boy. What does that say about her? And the prior drunk driving arrest? She might be hot but so are alot of other women, so what? She's obviously book smart but common sense dumb! What will anyone have with this piece of work after the looks fade? A witless bimbo you couldn't trust the minute she walks out the door to do anything right. She'd probably do your brother the minute your back is turned :o
That's true. but nobody is saying to marry this woman.
You jelly?
You still in junior high?
Seriously. Where is the wisdom in wrecking lives because a woman gets pregnant? Sure, it was "wrong" and everything. What a mess. However. Is there not a baby on the way? Is there not a better way to have "justice" done? Looks to me like a young man needs to face his responsibility and a young woman not only needs to loose her job, she needs to raise her baby. This woman will go to jail because witch burners will demand it. The young man will escape his duty and get pity because of it. The baby will be raised in poverty. Good for society. It will get its "justice" because what happened was "wrong".
That chick is so dumb and hot! The real crime here is allowing that woman to teach high school. She should have been "teaching" English to football jocks in some big ten university. Wink-wink knowwhatImean-knowwhatImean (nudge-nudge)
She's an adult and should have known better. Plus, she's old enough to know how to use birth control. She took advantage of a kid. But seriously folks, what 16 year old boy is going to turn down free sex? Come on now!
How many *MALE* teachers are released on bond the same day they are brought in? Even those that were falsely accused are rarely, if ever, able to even get a teaching job. Doesn't make what this lady did any more *right*, but still...
Let's see what the American Justice System does with this person. Lady Justice is blind to things like race and gender, and that means that if she committed this sex crime, she should receive the same punishment that a male would receive for committing the same crime.
Some men live in a fantasy, Penthouse Magazine Letters world. What should be the cut-off age where this becomes wrong? Is 10 years old too young? No one wants a 25 year old male teacher having sex with their 16 year old daughter, because 16 years old is a CHILD. Or, is it OK if the teacher is attractive? An attractice woman having sex with a minor shows bad judgement at best and indicates a mental health issue.
Some men have in fact, actually lived such "Penthouse Magazine Letters fantasies"! In so many ways, Americans still have such prude, provincial attitudes about sex. I am a immigrant from an Asian country. From having lived and worked in various Asian as well as European countries, what follows are my observations about sex between older women & younger men - even yes, young boys. Unless the boy is not of sound mental facilities -ie, which in an earlier era before the sickening onset of political correctness ad nauseum about every thing in the world - unless that young male or boy is "mentally retarded" - then basically, any "normal" young boy past the age of 12 or 13 - there is no such thing as that boy "being taken advantage" of by an older woman who chooses to grace him with that most wondrous of gifts that may be bestowed upon any normal, young, hot & horny guy - the experience of sexual awakening with an older, willing, obliging, hot & horny woman! I lost my virginity at the age of twelve and a half to a "good-time girl" who worked in a bar in Taipei that catered to US military soldiers on R&R (Rest & Recreation) leave. When I turned 13, my Number 1 Uncle (oldest uncle) took me to a very high-class brothel and paid for my "rite of entry into man-hood" with the most beautiful and talented female of that establishment. Note - of course, I never told him that due to my own raging horniness and impatience, I had already found my own way into the world of sexual release. In my junior year of high school, I seduced the school librarian who was 32 at that time! Ahhhh.....those memories and many others are still cherished whenever I relive them!
He probably dropped a dime on her when she found someone else who was a little longer where it mattered most.
According to he turned her in because she's pregnant and he thinks it's his. She's a child molester even if she's hot.
That's one way to escape child support. Claim you were raped. Even though that "victimization" took place in several clandestine occasions. I'm sure he was threatened with his life, if he didn't go and do her. When is society going to wake up? NO LEGAL ADULT SHOULD BE HAVING SEX WITH A MINOR. But to call any sixteen year old a child is to be nearly blinded with arrogance of stupidity. And then to brand her as a "child molester"? In these cases, society loves to exaggerate the issue, and make it far worse than what it actually is. In certain states of America, at sixteen you are of the age of LEGAL SEXUAL CONSENT in greater than half of all the states. About 37 states. ( We as a society really need to put this topic in perspective, and stop doing "witch hunts" and ruining people's lives; branding people as "child molesters' when they are not. Surely a child does not have the right to give sexual consent, right? So obviously, by virtue of the states I've pointed out, sixteen year olds are not children. By the way, he shouldn't be escaping child support by virtue of the facts I'm arguing, since he believes the child is his. DNA testing is warranted here. If he is the father, then he needs to get a job and start supporting his child like anybody else in his predicament. End of story.
I share the same sentiments: Where was there such easy trim to get from a fairly attractive, slutty, female teacher when I was in school? Even the good looking girls played hard to get. I didn't need to wait too long though, I met them all in the Army. STD Breeding ground.
The truth you just told couldn't have been uglier. When I was a medic in the Army working in an Aid Station, I had to treat one soldier with Penicilin injections (4.8 million units) for gonorrhea he got from his wife, after he returned from field duty lasting six weeks. Needless to say, he was less than happy. Just another reason I did not want to marry anybody while in the Army. Most of the women were screwing most of the guys. Another point; talk about "don't ask don't tell?" Give me a break! Homosexuality and bi-sexuality is and has been prevalent in the military for decades. But congress wants to act like this is a mere exception among a few. This is one of the most worst kept and laughable secrets in the military.
I wish that would have happened to me, best thing ever! Let her go, clone her :)
I agree w/ mrmeanor: keep your mouth shut, and don't be a RAT !! I pounded this into my kids heads for years.
Would you be OK with a 25 year old man pounding it into your 16 year old daughter?
Really?? Does the same thing apply to your daughters? Then you must be a great father!
Of coarse it applies to his daughters. Who do you think he was talking about?
I've lived in the Metroplex for decades, and I've never heard of "Fort Worth High School" or "Fort Worth Hospital". Way to go, "journalists"...
Where were all the hot perv female Teachers when I was a HORNY 16 year old? What she did was NOT right, but I hardly would call it sexual assult of a CHILD.
This gives a whole new meaning to President George W Bush's "No Child Left Behind,"educational initiative. Integral calculust no doubt.
Years ago, my dad told me if something like that were to happen to me, "KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!"
Amen, when did being a rat become cool? This chick did this little sucker a huge favor.. and in return he rats her out and stops any other high school football players from a little teacher swank.
A case could be made that she sped up his recovery. A strong case, I think.
that poor little guy, now he'll have to remember that the rest of his life. LUCKY BASTARD!
That woman could get laid in a convent. Why's she messing with 16 year olds? Guys that age don't even have skills.
The only reason any teacher ever does... We expect them not to date co-workers, to hide the fact that they are normal human beings, and to center their entire existences around activities of the schools where they teach. When, exactly, is a teacher going to have time to meet anyone physically desirable? Most of the comments on this page make the real issue crystal clear: it is a typical adolescent male's fantasy to have sex with a teacher, but when one of them gets his dream-come-true, we put the poor, lonely woman in prison, and ostracize her as a pedophile. We draw this black and white line between child and adult, when what we really have is up to a decade of gray area, between the time a teenager is physically mature and when one is a consenting adult, or of legal age. What's wrong with our priorities, when we will put a young man in charge of a potentially lethal, multi-ton, high-speed vehicle at an earlier age than we deem him able to determine where he would like to place his private parts???
The only crime here is the waste some fine looking trim on a snot nosed rat bastard. The kids needs to go to jail with Bubba and become his bitch.
Yep, never happened to me either, dammit. All of my teachers were ugly. I'm sure the prosecutor will tell the jury how traumatized the poor 16 year old was. /sarcasm. The criminal case is ten times more trauma than him getting laid like he wanted to.
the only teacher that ever hit on me was another dude. go figure?
I can see that.
Why didn't this happen when I was a kid?!?! >:(
It DID happen when you were a kid, just not to you!