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Cops: Murderer Ate His Victim's Heart, Brains

Maryland man, 21, confessed to slaying of friend

Human Heart

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Maryland Cannibal

MAY 31--A Maryland man charged with murdering a male housemate confessed to investigators that after killing the victim he ingested the man’s heart “and portions of his brain,” according to court filings.

Cops investigating the recent disappearance of  Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37, discovered what they believe to be the man’s remains in a Joppatowne residence he shared with Alexander Kinyua, 21, and members of Kinyua’s family.

Kinyua is pictured in the adjacent mug shot.

Investigators had been summoned to the residence after Kinyua’s brother Jarrod opened two tins in the home’s basement laundry room and “observed a human head and two human hands.”  When Jarrod confronted his brother about the remains, Alexander “denied the remains were human and stated that they were animal remains,” an investigator reported.

Jarrod then went upstairs, got his father, and returned to the basement, where “the items he observed were gone and that Alex Kinyua was cleaning the container he observed them in.”

During a search of the home early yesterday, Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies recovered “a human head and two hands.” In a subsequent interview, Kinyua “reported that he had caused the death of Mr. Kodie by cutting him up with a knife,” and that “after causing the death he had ingested” the dead man’s “heart and portions of his brain.”

Kinyua then directed deputies to a nearby Baptist church, where the remainder of Agyei-Kodie’s body was found in a dumpster. Police have not detailed a motive for the brutal killing.

On Saturday, Agyei-Kodie was reported missing by Kinyua’s father, who said Agyei-Kodie, a friend of his, went jogging at 5:30 AM and had not been seen since. Agyei-Kodie is described in a missing person’s report as a Morgan State University graduate student who “holds multiple master’s degrees from Ghana.”

Deputies circulated a missing person flyer two days before Agyei-Kodie’s remains were discovered and Kinyua was charged with his murder. (4 pages)