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Hungry, Dopey Duo Arrested For Pizza Hut Plot

"Large framed" Floridian, pal hatched theft scheme

Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut Plot Duo

MAY 29--A “large framed” Florida woman and her slighter companion are facing felony charges after the ravenous duo allegedly hatched a harebrained plot to rob a Pizza Hut deliveryman of two large pizzas, 14 chicken wings, and an apple pie.

Hungry and short on cash, Tiffany Jacobs and Alvina Leiba, both 19, last week concocted a plan to score the free grub, which was delivered around midnight to Leiba’s home in Deltona, according to a charging affidavit prepared by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

In interviews with deputies, Jacobs and Leiba said they did not have enough money to pay for the Pizza Hut food, so they “planned on scaring the pizza delivery man into leaving prior to them paying.” Jacobs told cops that Leiba gave her “all black clothing and a mask to wear,” and that she “obtained a wooden bat from the neighbor’s yard to intimidate the pizza delivery man with.”

Jacobs (left) and Leiba are pictured in the above booking photos.

When Pizza Hut employee Brian Healy, 19, arrived at Leiba’s home, she directed him to put the food down on a table inside the doorway while she searched for extra cash (she was holding only $12). That’s when the 5’ 1”, 200-pound Jacobs--in her ninja getup--emerged from her hiding spot and approached Healy from behind.

Jacobs, who has used the alias "Shaccariana Jackson," told cops that she planned to scare the deliveryman by swinging the bat at a pole near the doorway, but “accidentally” hit him in the side.  Healy told deputies that a “large framed African American female” assailant struck him in the head and left arm with a baseball bat. After wrestling the bat out Jacobs’s hand, he threw it in the yard as Jacobs fled.

Remarkably, Healy then returned to the front door and “asked the original customer if she was going to pay for the food.” While Leiba claimed that she was calling police, Healy returned to the roadway and actually dialed 911.

Expecting cops to arrive at the residence, Jacobs and Leiba hid in some nearby woods until sunrise. The pair then returned to Leiba’s home, where they subsequently ate the Pizza Hut food.

After the women were arrested and placed in a holding cell, they “laughed profusely about the situation,” according to the affidavit sword by Deputy Kyle Walter. Leiba remarked that she “would not pay any fines assigned to her and would flee to Trinidad” and said she was “so hungry she would rob a McDonald’s with Jacobs when they got out of jail.”

Jacobs told investigators that she and Leiba had “been planning on robbing a pizza delivery man for approximately one year” and had actually attempted a Pizza Hut heist several months ago. In the original attempt, Jacobs answered the door, “while Leiba was supposed to scare the delivery man.” Who happened to be Healy.

However, the 5’ 3”, 120-pound Leiba failed to scare the Pizza Hut worker and “Jacobs stated that she paid for the pizza during the incident.” Asked if he had previously delivered to the Deltona residence, Healy recalled a “suspicious incident” during which “the large framed individual answered the door, while the small framed female approached him from the rear.” Healy added that he was not assaulted, nor did he contact police.

Jacobs, charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, is being held in the Volusia County jail in lieu of $3000 bail. Leiba, facing an armed robbery count, bailed out of custody Saturday after posting $1500. (3 pages)