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Oklahoma Couple Cited For Naked Truck Stop Antics

After Sammy Hagar show, duo had "a little sexual fun"

Sammy Hagar

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Post-Sammy Hagar Sex

JANUARY 29--Jerry McNally and Marcia Gilbert attended a Sammy Hagar show last week at the Lucky Star Casino in Concho, Oklahoma and were apparently feeling frisky post-concert.

So the couple got into McNally’s 1997 Ford F250 and headed for the TA Truck Stop, where they were spotted around midnight “taking naked pictures in front of the semi’s in the back lot,” according to an Oklahoma City Police Department police report.

A security guard told cops that he found McNally, 56, and Gilbert, 60, sitting in the Ford “completely naked.” The guard reported that there was a “large flesh colored dildo lying in…Gilbert’s lap,” while “McNally had lubricant on his hands.”

When questioned by Sergeant David Van Curen, Gilbert did not try to explain away the naked hijinks. Gilbert apologized to the cop and said that “they had gone to the Sammy Hagar concert and were just having a little sexual fun.”

McNally and Gilbert were each cited for public indecency and told to leave the truck stop and not return.

Hagar is next scheduled to perform on February 9 at the third anniversary celebration of the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Las Vegas. (2 pages)