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Police: Teen Filmed Boy, 3, Smoking Pot

Facebook video shows child puffing joint

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Pot Toddler

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SEPTEMBER 23--An Arkansas teenager allowed his diaper-clad nephew to smoke marijuana, according to cops who arrested the suspect after viewing a Facebook video of the troubling incident.

Lamel Lamont Yancy, 17, is locked up for allegedly endangering the welfare of a minor, according to jail records. Yancy, who has been charged as an adult, is being held in lieu of $2500 bond on the felony charge.

As detailed in a North Little Rock Police Department report, a cop came across the video on Yancy’s Facebook page while reviewing social media accounts “for suspected burglary suspects.” The officer is assigned to the Rose City suburb (where Yancy attends an alternative high school).

[Investigators this week released excerpts from the original 11-minute recording, which has been deleted from Yancy’s Facebook account. That video can be seen below.]

The video shows Yancy--who is known as “Man Man”--initially providing the boy with an unlit joint, which the child put in his mouth. “Wanna hit the blunt?” he asked the boy.

After lighting the joint, Yancy handed it to the child, who then puffed away. “Hit the blunt one more time,” Yancy encouraged the boy, who exclaimed, “Weed!” when handed the joint. As the child continued to smoke, Yancy said, “That’s enough, baby! That’s enough.”

Yancy, cops reported, “is recorded several times allowing the child to smoke the suspected marijuana and the child refers to it as weed.” Yancy, seen above, gave the victim--who turned three in July--the joint while the child was seated in the rear of a vehicle parked outside a Metro PCS store.

After the boy’s mother subsequently entered the rear of the vehicle, Yancy again handed the child the joint, “To which she objects.” Yancy, cops added, then “tells the child he will smoke with him later.”

Earlier this month, investigators with the state’s Department of Human Services removed the boy from the North Little Rock residence he shares with mother, Yancy, and other relatives. The child was transported to a hospital for hair follicle analysis to determine whether he had recently smoked marijuana.

While the results of that test are not disclosed in the police report, Yancy was arrested Monday afternoon on the felony endangerment count. (2 pages)