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Woman Faces Felonies Over Waste Attack

Cops: Victim was "soaked" with urinal contents

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Urinal Battery

JUNE 30--A Florida Woman is behind bars after striking a home health care nurse with a handheld urinal, a felony battery that left the victim “soaked” in bodily waste, police charge.

Investigators say that Beth Redden, 60, got into a confrontation Monday afternoon with her 83-year-old male roommate inside their residence at the Teakwood Village Mobile Home Park in Largo, a Tampa suburb.

Redden, according to an arrest affidavit, threw a metal cane and soda cans at Theodore Hamilton (who was struck, but not injured). Redden tossed the items while nurse Joyce Lawrence was inside the home.

When Lawrence sought to intervene, she was hit “multiple times in the stomach region” by Redden (who has also used the surname Monauni). As Lawrence sought to disengage, Redden “was in arms reach of a full plastic hand-held urinal which was filled with the bodily fluid of Theodore Hamilton,” a cop noted.

Redden allegedly threw the urinal at Lawrence, who was hit with the receptacle. “The urinal’s contents of urine flew out and soaked Lawrence, as well as the interior of the residence,” reported Officer Stephanie Blitz. Lawrence “was covered in a wet liquid” when police arrived, Blitz added.

Redden, seen above, was arrested on a pair of felony counts for allegedly battering victims aged 65 or older.

Locked up in lieu of $5000 bond, Redden has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Redden’s rap sheet includes convictions for drunk driving, trespassing, and making a false report to law enforcement. (1 page)