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Jokers, Voters, & Heat-Packers

Colorful mug shot roundup concludes a most historic week

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Jokers, Voters, & Heat-Packers

NOVEMBER 7--Since our previous mug shot roundup went to press, as it were, last Friday afternoon, we had yet to get any booking photos of Halloween-related arrestees. However, as you'll see here and on some of the following pages, wannabe Jokers, Cinderellas, and other makeup-clad revelers all ended up in cuffs.

A few other notes about this rogue's gallery: 1) Regarding the photo on page #2, that's one weapon that needs to be concealed; 2) Yes, those are 'I Voted' stickers on the arrestees on page #5; 3) The Wisconsin man seen on page #8 was nabbed after he allegedly got a bit tipsy at a Bob Dylan concert and started banging on the door of the singer's tour bus. Oh, and he's a 59-year-old lawyer; and 4) Usually, busted 'Scarface' fans have shown their devotion to the blood-soaked 1983 film via an assortment of t-shirts. But the Floridian on page #11 has opted for a more permanent tribute to Al Pacino/Tony Montana. The suspect, a golf course maintenance worker, was charged with disorderly intoxication and, of course, cocaine possession. (18 pages)