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Cops Bust 7-Foot Woman (If You Include Her Hair)

Bunch of winners, one sure loser in new roundup

Mug Shot Roundup

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March 15, 2013 Mugs

MARCH 16--This week’s mug shot roundup commences with a 22-year-old Georgian with a “Loser” tattoo on his forehead. He was busted Wednesday for, we kid you not, “failing to vaccinate or register a dog or cat.” As for his fellow suspects, a few notes:

1) The bearded Floridian, 61, on page #3 was nabbed Monday by Miami cops for loitering or prowling; 2) The towering mohawk on page #4 was photographed Thursday after its owner, a 24-year-old Arizona woman, was popped for driving with a suspended license. Hopefully she was in a convertible; 3) The Floridian, 64, on page #8 was collared Saturday for grand theft and battery with a weapon. Specifically, a machete; 4) Yes, that “Bud Light” tattoo on page #14 is on the forearm of a 19-year-old guy who is not old enough to drink. He was arrested, of course, for violating probation following a drunk driving collar; and 5) The Miami gent, 65, with the unique coif on page #15 was busted Wednesday for trespassing. (15 pages)