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April 1, 2011 Mugs

NOTE: This week’s booking photo roundup can be viewed two ways:

I) Click here to page through the photos in old school TSG style. In the upper right corner of each page you’ll find a description of the criminal charge(s) leveled against the suspect.

II) To look at the booking photos in a lightbox, just click the image beneath the “View The Document” arrow at left. When you mouse over the respective photos, the charged crime(s) will appear in a small box.

APRIL 1--This week’s mug shot roundup kicks off with a lovely bright-eyed teen collared yesterday in Texas for public intoxication. As for the 19-year-old’s fellow suspects, some notes:

1) It’s now April so the Michigan man on page #2 has extended the traditional wearin’ o’ the green beyond any acceptable period of time. The 34-year-old leprechaun was collared last Friday on a domestic violence charge; 2) The Georgia woman, 32, on page #3 was arrested Wednesday for creating a hazardous or offensive condition. She was also busted--obviously; 3) The Florida perp, 35, on page #6 also leaves little to the imagination. He was arrested Tuesday for trespassing; 4) The Arizona woman, 56, on page #9 was jailed Monday for burglary. While it’s unclear why she is disguised in orange and black, she does get points for creativity; and 5) The sweet looking Florida septuagenarian on page #13 was busted last Friday on a fraud charge. (15 pages) 

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That type of beard is called a "pussy beard" for reasons that are obvious.
Hehe the Jolly green giant? that guy looks harmless and he was caught for battery. Moreover, just look at the young girl!
Visiting this site always makes my problems seem miniscule in comparison. Whats with the Jolly Green Giant theme?