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Panoply of perp feelings in new mug shot roundup

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mugs: July 18, 2014

JULY 20--The expressive gentleman, 19, who leads off this week’s mug shot roundup was collared by Alabama cops on a failure to comply charge. As for his fellow arrestees, here are a few notes:

1) The Wisconsinite, 18, on page #7 appears rather pleased with himself following his arrest Sunday for theft, obstructing an officer, and underage consumption of alcohol. Perhaps the last charge contributed to the teen's elevated state; 2) The scratched-up 24-year-old North Carolina man on page #9 was busted Wednesday for assault and strangulation; 3) The Miamian, 31, on page #11 was popped for obstruction and resisting an officer. As seen in his booking photo, he has opted for a tattooed mustache and goatee (though they look, respectively, like inverted Nike logos and a bat); and 4) Nabbed Tuesday for trespassing and possession of drug paraphernalia, the 48-year-old Floridian on page #14 is also guilty of concealing a rad rat tail. (14 pages)