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Stay Still, Please. It’s Time To Take Your Mug Shot

Watch out, eyes open, it’s time for the new roundup

Mug Shot Roundup

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Mug Shots: 10/10/14

OCTOBER 14--This week’s mug shot roundup opens with a smiling Arizonan, 33, who was jailed Tuesday for failing to pay fines. As for his fellow suspects, a few notes:

1) The bug-eyed Michigan man, 21, on page #3 was photographed following his collar Tuesday; 2) It took two stiff arms to get the Oklahoma woman on page #4 to hold still for her booking photo. The 22-year-old was arrested on a vehicular charge and for throwing human waste at a cop; 3) Busted for failing to appear in court on a leaving the scene of an accident charge, the 72-year-old Floridian on page # 8 modeled a natty floral smock in her mug shot; 4) The unkempt South Carolina gentleman, 63, on page #10 was popped for drunk driving and possession of an open container in a car; 5) The “Misunderstood” Floridian, 24, on page #11 was nabbed Wednesday for robbery with a firearm; and 6) Despite an apparent whooping, the Oregonian, 24, on page #13 seemed pretty mellow following his arrest Friday on menacing and disorderly conduct charges. (13 pages)