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Couple facing indecency charge for sex in public pool

Pool Sex

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Public Pool Sex

UPDATE: Pool pair surrenders to cops, poses for mug shots.

JULY 20--An Indiana couple is facing public indecency charges after they allegedly had sex for 30 minutes Sunday afternoon in a community pool while dozens of witnesses, including children, watched the illicit aquatic action.

Connersville Police Department officers were summoned to the Roberts Park Family Aquatic Center (seen at right) after pool patrons complained to the facility’s manager.

Cops initially issued no trespass orders to Myron Helms, 33, and Victoria Cross, 40, but prosecutors yesterday decided to charge the pair with the misdemeanor indecency count.

Pool manager Cindy Schwab told cops that she walked up behind Helms and Cross “when she realized what they were doing,” according to a Connersville Police Department report. After telling the pair to stop, Schwab said that Cross moved away from Helms, which was when “she could see the male’s penis.”

The police report states that one concerned adult stood near the trysting couple “to make sure her children didn’t get too close to the subjects.” Additionally, cops noted, “All the witnesses were visibly disturbed by the incident.” While it is unclear what drove the couple to allegedly engage in public fornication, the heat wave gripping the country’s mid-section has forced many sweltering Americans to seek a cool, watery respite.  

Helms, who works as a reserve officer with the neighboring Laurel City Police Department, has been suspended without pay due to the Connersville incident.

In light of the Helms-Cross coupling, municipal workers added additional chemicals to the pool and recycled its water. (2 pages)