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Runaway Bride's Tall Tawdry Tale

Wilbanks told of forced sex with rotten-toothed abductor

Jennifer Wilbanks

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Runaway Bride's Tall Tawdry Tale

MAY 12--Before admitting that she simply fled west to avoid her super-sized Georgia wedding, Jennifer Wilbanks gave cops a graphic account of her purported sexual abuse at the hands of her abductors, a Hispanic man with rotten teeth and his heavyset blonde girlfriend. The kooky claims of the 32-year-old "Runaway Bride" are memorialized in these Albuquerque Police Department reports.

After surfacing on April 30 in New Mexico, Wilbanks spun her story for FBI agents and Albuquerque cops, who eventually confronted her with inconsistencies in that account. Wilbanks then admitted that she left Duluth, Georgia "because of the pressures of the wedding," which left her feeling "overwhelmed."

As Duluth police mull whether to charge her in connection with the fabricated abduction tale, Wilbanks has checked into a medical treatment program to address "physical and mental issues," according to a spokesperson for her church. (6 pages)