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Man Knifed Kin During Almond Milk Row

Cops: Cousins quarreled about the superior milk

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Milk Battery

SEPTEMBER 30--An argument over whether almond milk or whole milk was the superior milk turned violent when a Florida Man allegedly slashed his cousin with a pocket knife, according to an arrest report.

Police responding Sunday afternoon to a disturbance at a home in Lehigh Acres arrested Justin Garcia, 30, for aggravated battery, a felony. Garcia, seen below, was freed yesterday from the Lee County jail after posting $25,000 bond.

According to the victim, he and Garcia engaged “in a verbal argument about what milk is better, almond milk, or whole milk.” The dispute became physical “when Garcia became enraged at the victim for disagreeing with him.”

Police and court records do not indicate which man was advocating in favor of which milk.

Garcia punched his cousin in the forehead, prompting the victim to strike Garcia in the shoulder. Garcia then allegedly pulled out a “pocket knife with a three-inch blade” and began chasing his cousin through the front yard of the Lehigh Acres residence.

When Garcia caught up to his cousin, he slashed his kin “on the left side of his torso causing a small laceration.” At this point, the victim’s uncle interceded, holding back Garcia and separating the cousins until police arrived. The uncle told cops that he was working on a car in the driveway when he “heard Garcia and the victim argue over almond milk.”

After being read his rights, Garcia claimed that “the victim came at him with a stick,” prompting him to punch his cousin in self-defense. The victim, Garcia said, “thinks he is better than the whole family.”

A search of Garcia turned up the knife in his pants pocket. The weapon was confiscated and placed in an evidence bag.

Garcia, whose rap sheet includes convictions for drunk driving, carrying a concealed weapon, and probation violation, is scheduled for arraignment on October 26. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with the victim. (3 pages)