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Perp Told Cops His Job Was "Drug Dealer"

Ex-convict, 25, made admission after latest arrest

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Job: Drug Dealer

FEBRUARY 6--Following his arrest on narcotics and weapons charges, Robert Phillips was asked his occupation while being booked by cops in Palm Beach, Florida.

“Drug dealer,” replied the 25-year-old Phillips, a seven-time convicted felon whose rap sheep includes gun, cocaine, and aggravated assault convictions for which he has served time in state prison.

Collared Tuesday, Phillips was driving a stolen Hyundai when he nearly crashed into an unmarked auto being driven by a detective. When officers in marked vehicles subsequently sought to pull over Phillips, he sped away, according to a Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office report.

After a high-speed chase, Phillips ran from his car into an art store, where he collided with a female customer, knocking her to the ground. The collision, investigators reported, caused Phillips to drop a loaded .40 caliber handgun. He was thereafter apprehended as he left the business through a rear entrance.

According to deputies, Phillips was carrying 22 grams of heroin and $2316 in cash when taken into custody. The car he was driving contained 5.3 grams of crack cocaine, hypodermic needles, a drug scale, and “a container with a hidden compartment.”

While being booked on an array of felony and misdemeanor counts, Phillips was asked his occupation by a deputy, who dutifully recorded “drug dealer” as the suspect’s answer to that question.

Phillips is pictured in the above mug shots (he has grown his hair out since being released from prison in 2012). Phillips is locked up in the Palm Beach County jail in lieu of $242,000 bail. He received no discount for telling the truth about his line of work. (2 pages)