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Brothers Busted For Walmart Dirtbike "Prank"

Cops: Suspect wore underpants, red cape

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Walmart "Prank"

NOVEMBER 23--Two Kentucky brothers were arrested yesterday in connection with a YouTube prank video showing one of the siblings speeding through a Walmart on a dirtbike.

Justin Bell, 27, and Howard Bell, 44, are each facing a felony wanton endangerment charge for the stunt Sunday morning at the Walmart in Alexandria, a city 15 miles south of Cincinnati.

Videos show Justin Bell--who is wearing white underpants, a red cape, and boots--zipping through the store’s aisles and past shoppers around 10:15 AM. Bell was wearing a helmet cam while his brother also filmed the two-minute race through Walmart.

Remarkably, Walmart employees did not call police to report that someone had driven through the store on a gas-powered vehicle.

Instead, cops learned of the incident after being told about a YouTube video “showing where a male subject drove a small motorcycle at a high rate of speed through the Alexandria Walmart store,” according to a court filing.

The video--which has since been removed--had been uploaded to the duo's YouTube page, “The Bell Life.” The page, which has nearly 6000 subscribers, features dozens of “prank” videos with titles like “Tongue in a Mouse Trap,” “Tasing Testicles,” and “Getting Electrocuted.” In one clip, Justin Bell--who is alternately referred to as “Dummy” or “Dumb Dumb” on the clips--urinates on an electric bug zapper, causing his genitals to be shocked.

When contacted by police, the Bells were “very cooperative during the investigation,” which resulted in the pair’s arrest early yesterday morning. After being booked into the Campbell County jail, the men were each subsequently released on $50,000 bond.

The Bells are scheduled for a December 1 preliminary hearing. (1 page)