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Assault Charge For Woman In Poultry Pummel

Cops: Perp hit beau in head with "a whole chicken"

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Poultry Pummeling

FEBRUARY 2--A Minnesota woman was jailed yesterday for domestic assault after allegedly clobbering her boyfriend in the head with “a whole chicken,” according to cops who reported that the victim “still had some chicken residue in his hair” when they responded to his 911 call for assistance.

The victim told cops he was driving home last night to the Eagle Lake residence he shares with Natalie Bruemmer, 36, when he was attacked. The man, who had been at a bar with Bruemmer, said she “was hitting him and spitting in his face” as they were en route home.

Upon arriving at their residence, the man alleged, Bruemmer “hit him with a whole chicken in the back of his head,” according to a probable cause statement. “Victim still had some chicken residue in his hair,” police noted.

When cops sought to place Bruemmer under arrest, she struggled with them and “began pulling her hands away from the officers requiring multiple attempts” to get her handcuffed. While being escorted from the home, Bruemmer reportedly “continued to yell, attempted to pull her arms away from officers, and she kicked her legs around.”

Charged with domestic assault and obstructing police, both misdemeanors, Bruemmer, seen above, was booked into the Blue Earth County jail. Bruemmer was arrested in December 2021 for assaulting the same man identified as the victim in yesterday’s incident (the couple has been together for more than 10 years). The 2021 misdemeanor case is pending.

Court records do not indicate whether the chicken allegedly wielded by Bruemmer was cooked or raw. Or whether the victim was injured by the poultry strike. (2 pages)