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Circle K Clerk Battered With Chocolate Egg

Victim hit in forehead with thrown sweet treat

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Chocolate Battery

JANUARY 26--“So, what are you in for?”

“Assault with a chocolate egg.”

A Florida Man was arrested Wednesday after allegedly striking a Circle K cashier in the forehead with a thrown chocolate egg and then hopping the counter to further batter the victim, cops charge.

According to a criminal complaint, Edward Riordan, the convenience store worker, tried to check out John Mehas, “as he was next in line.”

However, for some reason, Mehas refused to let Riordan handle his transaction.

Instead, Mehas, 27, walked over to another employee, “rendered payment,” and “threw a chocolate egg towards the victim hitting him in the forehead.” The complaint does not indicate if the egg was a Cadbury, Kinder, or lesser Hershey concoction.

After Riordan asked him to leave the Circle K, Mehas (seen above) became “irate,” cops say, and hurdled the counter “to push and strike the victim’s face.”

When subsequently questioned by police, Mehas reportedly “admitted that he jumped over the register counter and struck the victim.” Mehas was arrested for battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail (from which he was released yesterday after posting $1000 bond).

Mehas lives a 10-minute drive away from the Circle K (pictured below), which is located in Tarpon Springs, a central Gulf Coast city. (1 page)