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DNC Readies Warning On "Trumpocalypse"

Plan details Democratic ops at GOP convention

JULY 5--The Democratic Party’s plan to crash this month’s Republican National Convention is heavy on gimmicks and stunts meant to highlight a possible “Trumpocalypse,” as well as to ridicule the presumptive GOP candidate’s purported spray tan, tiny fingers, and dog whistle proclivities.

The Democratic National Committee’s “Counter Convention Plan Sketch” covers 22 pages and outlines the party’s activities in Cleveland, where the Republican convention begins July 18. Democratic operatives will launch their operation a week earlier, on July 11, to coincide with the opening of the RNC’s summer meeting.

A copy of the plan was obtained by the hacker “Guccifer 2.0,” who breached party servers and made off with DNC financial records, e-mails, research reports, and other documents. In e-mails to TSG, “Guccifer 2.0” has claimed to be a Romanian “hacktivist,” though security researchers who have examined the DNC breach have said that the infiltration appears to be the work of a Russian espionage unit.

The DNC plan notes that the party’s efforts in Cleveland will cost in excess of $800,000. In addition to 16 staffers on the ground, the party will have numerous surrogates available for media interviews and an RV to “serve as a mobile billboard” and green room. The plan was honed when the GOP field narrowed to Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich. Subsequent updates focused primarily on “gimmicks” to ridicule Trump.

One “live-staged” activity listed in the plan is a “Jerry Springer ‘Live’ fake show between Trump/Cruz/Kasich delegates.” While this stunt in not further described, the plan notes that, “Jerry said he wanted to be involved.” Springer, 72, is a former Democratic mayor of Cincinnati.

DNC officials also plan to “infiltrate friendly union hotels and properties around the convention that Republicans will be patronizing to distribute ‘care’ packages” to those who will be sickened by Trump’s nomination.

The plan also envisions a citywide strike by fast food workers, presumably over the fight for a $15-an-hour minimum wage. In the alternative, the strike could occur at “franchises around convention,” which will be held at the Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland.

On the morning the convention opens, the plan notes, Democrats will host a “Cereal & Bailey’s Breakfast,” a reference to RNC chair Reince Priebus’s claim that GOP party strife had not driven him to douse his Cheerios with Irish cream liqueur.

The DNC plan lists other hokey proposed stunts, like:

* A “Trumpocalypse Survival kit” tote bag with a barf bag, Tylenol, Alka Seltzer, and a clothespin “to hold nose while voting for Trump.”

* The production of an eight-page “Trump Tabloid” designed to look like the New York Post. The paper--“ideal for dumping oppo” research on the developer--would include a Trump-penned advice column entitled “How to Talk to Women.”

* Volunteers dressed as limousine drivers would go to the airport and meet arriving RNC members with “signs with messaging about Trump.”

* The distribution of a “Go Trump Yourself” kit that includes spray tan, hair dye, a dog whistle, and “Tiny foam fingers/hand clappers.”

* Attendees at a media lunch would be served food “from countries Trump has offended.” The menu would offer tacos and hummus and pita.

* A Trump “Successful Businessman Starter Kit” would include a $40 million check from “your Dad” and a diploma from Trump University.

* Producing milk cartons with the photos of the many GOP leaders who are skipping the convention.

The plan’s “other ideas” section notes that volunteers and interns could get dressed as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee and perform “Trump things.” Another idea is described as a “WH/Administration ask” for the provision of “topline surrogates/cabinet secretaries?” (16 pages)