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Teen Called 911 After Her Fake ID Was Seized

Cops: Oklahoman, 18, thwarted by alert bouncer

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Okie's Fake ID

FEBRUARY 4--After her fake ID was seized at a bar, an 18-year-old Oklahoman called police for help in getting the illegal item returned, according to cops who instead arrested her.

Investigators say that Blakelee Sands sought admittance Tuesday evening to the Wolf Trap bar in Edmond, a city outside Oklahoma City. But she was turned away by a bouncer who confiscated her phony Texas ID, which carried the name “McKamie Quine.”

When her demands for the ID’s return were rejected by bar personnel, Sands (seen at right) made the mistake of dialing police.

Cops responding to the 911 call were met by Sands, who recounted the seizure of her ID and the bar’s refusal to return it. The teenager insisted that the ID was authentic and that she was, in fact, “McKamie Quine.”

However, when officers ran a computer check on the license number on the “Quine” ID, it came back to a male Texas motorist.

When confronted about the discrepancy, Sands reportedly said that she thought her fake ID ruse would not be detected by police. That miscalculation resulted in her arrest on a felony charge of presenting a fake ID with the intention of misleading a peace officer.

Perhaps “McLovin” might have been a better choice. Perhaps. (1 page)