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You're Allegedly A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Man dressed as Seuss character in party fracas

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Grinch Arrest

DECEMBER 8--A holiday party fracas involving a man dressed as the Grinch and a coworker wearing a reindeer costume required the intervention of Michigan cops who arrested the Seuss wannabe for assault and battery, according to police reports.

Officers were summoned late Saturday night to a Traverse City hotel, where a “work Christmas party started an altercation in the bar area.” The men involved in the fight are employed by a local oil and gas equipment company.

Before cops arrived, the dispute spilled out of the bar and into the main lobby of the Hotel Indigo. Employee Keri Stock told police she saw “the man in the green Grinch outfit” fighting and “yelling back and forth” with a man wearing a plaid jacket.

At this point, hotel employee Jared Archbold, 35, sought to intervene.

Archbold told police that a “male in the reindeer suit” grabbed him and pushed him backwards. Then, with Archbold on the ground, the Grinch allegedly pummeled the hotel worker, who suffered “redness to his left eye” and a broken watch.

Cops subsequently identified the Grinch as Tucker Lee Davis, 30. When questioned by officers, Davis--whom Archbold described as “drunk and angry”--reportedly admitted to being the “aggressor” during the confrontation, adding that he “took [Archbold] down to the ground in a ‘grappling style.’” 

Seen above, Davis was arrested and booked into the Grand Traverse County jail on a misdemeanor assault and battery count. The reindeer, Ryan Jones, 30, was not charged. (3 pages)