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Man Tells Cops Drug Dealer Gave Wrong Change

Perp called 911, said he was shorted $40 in crack buy

Crack Cocaine

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Crack Buyer 911 Call

MAY 4--Upset that his cocaine dealer had given him the wrong change, a South Carolina man called police to complain about the unsatisfactory transaction and, of course, was promptly arrested.

According to cops, Dexter White, 41, called 911 to report that he paid his dealer $60 for crack cocaine, but had received only $20 worth of the drug. White contacted police with his consumer complaint around 4:30 AM Friday (an hour at which Better Business Bureau operators apparently were not standing by).

A North Charleston Police Department report notes that White, in a written statement, identified his supplier as “C,” and said the drug dealer refused his demand for “his $40 in change.” He added that he smoked the entire $20 worth of crack before calling 911.

In the 911 call, which can be found below, White initially (and inexplicably) asked a police dispatcher to send a canine unit to his location. He subsequently explained his predicament, which prompted the operator to ask, “Okay, you said you bought some drugs from them and they didn’t give you your change back?"

Listen to the 911 call here:

For his efforts, White was arrested April 29 on a disorderly conduct charge (for loitering where drugs are used or sold). He was booked into the Charleston County Detention Center, where White has previously found himself on many occasions, according to court records.

White, pictured in the above mug shot, is jailed in lieu of $400 bond. (1 page)

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Actually he can't be arrested for drugs if he didn't have any and they didn't see him buy it. His charge will most likely be dropped. Dexter is a pretty bad ass name though....hopefully he isn't a serial killer.
Why is it that guys like him have 60$ in expendable income and have the luxury to stay up at 4am whereas I cant even pay the bills?
Nobody likes being ripped off and the cops don't care but let the donuts girl charge them and all hell brakes loose.
Ok, here's your $20, let me count it out to you. Here's $5, $10, another $5 that makes $10, $15, another $5 that makes $15 , $15, ok man that makes $20.or so it goes. He does'nt know if he is comming or going.
He gave the guy $60, only got $20 worth of crack, and wanted his $40 back. "Change" is a bad word choice. Refund would probably have been more accruate. Of course, he is a crack head so what did you expect?
what a dumbass for 2 reasons. She did everything but cuff him.
Just goes to show how rampant drug usage is in society today. He didn't think anything of it to call the police to report the crime because using drugs is such a normal thing, nowadays. We can blame our lax judicial system for causing those druggies to be what they are which is worthless, stupid people who are using up oxygen and contributing to the downfall of America. What a dumb law to be arrested for....loitering where drugs are used or sold when he's the one using it. Users need to be arrested because if they didn't use it, sellers wouldn't be selling it.
no no no, people like this need to continue drug use. clearly you've never heard of survival of the fittest. you should check out the concept and realize that if we weed out all the dumbasses then we will start getting smart people. he's not contributing to any part of america except the illegal part and as far as the sellers won't be selling, idk if you pay attn to anything on the internet, news, or just your daily paper but i'm pretty sure that taking out a few users just means that the dealers have to find more idiotic kids to peer pressure into doing drugs which isn't that hard cause shiatty parents (possibly like yourself) are letting their kids do whatever however whenever and not realizing that just being a cool parent vs being way sheltering or way to lenient is kicking their asses
Um......did you just put the bong down, RagdollvX or are you just that disconnected all the time?
What a dumb comment. He called because he was high as a kite. We have one of the most penalizing civilazed judicail systems in the world. Guess what, users do go to jail, but only if they have it on them. I sure as hell do not want a cop to arrest me for thinking I'm high.
What dumb spelling. Civilazed? judicail? Were you high when you typed your comment? I guess you would know if users go to jail or not.
Fair enough. I rushed. No, I was not high but I do get high from time to time. Just not on crack.
No way did I think you used crack. But here's a little advice for pot smokers....try video taping yourselves sometimes when you're high and then watch it when you're not. You'll see yourselves like the rest of us who aren't slaves to weed do and you'll be somewhat embarrassed. Contrary to popular belief, you don't come off as intelligent and insightful, but as silly and mindless. And please, don't post comments or blog while high because it often ends up being rambling and non-sensical.
Is it really "popular belief" that you sound intelligent and insightful when high? That notion seems a little bit ridiculous to me. I certainly don't know anyone who smokes pot who believes that. Also, I think you are overestimating the level of shame people would feel when viewing themselves in an impaired state. I can't count the number of people I know that still drink after making an ass of themselves on video.
Pot is a wonderful drug. It sure beats using pharmaceuticals to balance ones self out. I don't suggest becoming a slave to anything. Using pot in balance and moderation is what most users do.
You alcoholic rednecks shouldn't talk. I smoke weed on a regular basis too, and it does not affect my behavior in the least, it just calms my nerves.
Oy vey!!! What a meshugeneh
He has noone to blame but the cops...
"C" has High Hopes for that $$!