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Cops: Suspect Busted In Pizza Dough Pelting

Victim, 62, did not knead hospitalization after battery

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Dough Battery

APRIL 15--Today in Unique Weapon news:

A man is behind bars after allegedly striking his roommate in the head with a wad of pizza dough, police report.

Investigators say Joseph Tresselt, 32, was making pizza Thursday evening when he got into a confrontation with Elvis Singleton, 62, in the St. Petersburg, Florida home they share.

While preparing the Italian delicacy, Tresselt told cops, Singleton “started making sounds like coughing, in a way that was to irritate him.” Tresselt also reported hearing “voices telling him how to make the pizza.”

Perturbed, Tresselt threw a piece of dough on the floor and “then threw it again at the victim,” striking Singleton in the noggin as he was seated at the dining room table with his back to Tresselt.

Police reported that there “was no visible bruising” to Singleton as a result of the dough strike.

Tresselt reportedly admitted to tossing the dough because Singleton “was making coughing sounds that he did not like.” He was arrested for misdemeanor battery and booked into the county jail, where he is locked up in lieu of $1150 bond. Tresselt was also charged with criminal mischief for allegedly breaking a piece of furniture in Singleton’s room.

A judge ordered Tresselt (seen above) to have no contact with Singleton and barred him from returning to the pair’s apartment.

Last year, Tresselt was busted for allegedly walloping Singleton. According to an arrest report, Tresselt said Singleton’s “coughing noise caused him to punch the victim in the face.” Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue the battery case. (1 page)