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Suspect Says He Was Shaking, Not Stroking

Accused perv, 21, offers cops unique explanation

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Protein Shake

AUGUST 17--A Nebraska man who was twice spotted masturbating in his car told cops that he was not pleasuring himself, but rather vigorously "mixing his protein shake" when spotted by the female victims, records show.

Nathan Grimes, 21, is facing two indecent exposure charges in connection with the incidents in Lincoln.

According to cops, Grimes was initially spotted last Wednesday afternoon while parked outside a Shell gas station. A 35-year-old woman told officers that she looked into the white Mazda and saw a man masturbating.

Monday morning, a second woman, 49, dialed 911 to report that a man in a white Mazda was masturbating while parked outside a convenience store at 6:45 AM.

Armed with the license plate number of the Mazda (and a description of the suspect), Lincoln cops confronted Grimes at his residence.

While Grimes, seen above, copped to being at the convenience store Monday, he claimed that the witness had mistaken his hand movements for masturbation. In fact, Grimes explained, he had actually been mixing a protein shake.

That unique explanation did not sway police, who arrested Grimes on the two misdemeanor charges and booked him into the Lancaster County jail (from which he was later released).

Grimes is scheduled for a September 20 court appearance. (1 page)