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Cops: Woman Assaulted Man With SpaghettiOs

Victim was clobbered in head with pasta delicacy

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SpaghettiOs Battery

APRIL 7--A Florida Woman is facing a felony domestic battery charge after allegedly clobbering a man with a can of SpaghettiOs, a blow that left the victim with a large laceration on his head, cops say.

According to an arrest affidavit, the victim told police that after arriving “home from the hospital” Saturday afternoon he got into a verbal argument with Shadae Miranda. The victim and Miranda, 30, were sharing a room at a Travel Inn motel in Fort Pierce.

The affidavit, released by police, has the victim’s name redacted as well as details of what prompted the couple’s fight.

The man told cops that he sought to deescalate the situation by gathering some of his belongings and stepping outside the room, where he ended up sitting in a lawn chair. Miranda, cops allege, began striking the victim while he was still inside the room.

As the man lounged outside, Miranda allegedly struck him in the head with a “15.6 ounce metal can of Spaghettio’s that was in a plastic bag.” While speaking with the victim, an officer “observed a large laceration on the top of his head consistent with being struck with the can.”

During police questioning, Miranda claimed that the man had struck her on the arm, but a deputy reported “no signs of injuries, cuts, or bruises consistent with her side of the story.”

Miranda was arrested for aggravated battery, a felony, for “striking the victim on the head with the can of Spaghettio’s.” Seen above, Miranda was released on bond from the St. Lucie County jail late Sunday evening.

The arrest affidavit does not indicate whether the SpaghettiOs were booked into evidence. (1 page)