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Wife Interrupts Spouse's Tryst, Gets Threatened

Cops: Man said he would kill wife for crashing act

Couple Having Sex

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Affair Interrupted

OCTOBER 10--A Florida man threatened to kill his wife when she arrived home and interrupted him while he was having sex with another woman in their bed, police charge.

According to a police report, Juana Perez, 20, told cops that she arrived home late Monday night “to find [her spouse] in bed with another woman.”

During the argument that ensued, Perez’s husband--who is not identified in the report--allegedly said that he was “going to kill her for stopping him in the middle of having sex.”

Perez and her spouse live together in a Bradenton home they share with their two children.

Before fleeing the residence, Perez’s husband warned that he would return and harm her. Perez then left the home with her children and subsequently met with Manatee County Sheriff’s Office deputies at a friend’s house.

Investigators determined that the man had threatened Perez, “placing her in fear for her life.” A misdemeanor arrest warrant was issued for Perez’s husband, who remains at large. (2 pages)