MUG SHOTS: Strippers

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wont be goin to the Brass Flamingo
Sweet Christ Crackers!
and the colored girls sing, "doot, da-doot, da-doot, doot, da-doot, doot...."
it's gotta a poker in the front and likes a poker in its rear
Equal opportunity employment at work here
What if Dee Snider and that singer from Nickleback had a kid?
ummmm yeah....speechless
better check whats in the underpants.
Dude looks like a....dude...come to think of it. ha
Didn't this guy get beat up by Danny Bonaduce once? Or was he the one that got a ride from Eddy Murphy in the early am because Eddy felt sorry for him? I can't remember. Maybe he got the ride .... Remember, it was in his more "supple" years.
damn this is harry potter in drag
Not a good advertisement for that club, avoid the Brass Flamingo
Its hiding something in its pants....dear God
I just threw up in my mouth