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Amy Winehouse

It probably will come as little surprise that Amy Winehouse, the frequently soused singer, is rather particular when it comes to her backstage booze demands.

The British performer requires wine, beer, and liquor in her dressing room, according to her May 2006 tour rider. The document notes in an asterisked section that the provision of a large bottle of vodka and a chilled bottle of Champagne "are a must." And when it comes to beer, promoters better not come bearing Stella Artois or Carling.

After a show, the Winehouse party demands that three "good quality" pizzas be delivered to its tour bus. However, the rider warns, the doughy delicacies will be refused if Amy & Co. find them not up to snuff. Winehouse also needs at least two local roadies to help with load-in at each concert venue. In addition to competency, Winehouse--whose new single is "Rehab"--requests that the crew members also be "sober." (4 pages)

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I see the hypocrisy, but I don't think you understand the nature of an "artist." (I only use the quotation marks because I know that art is really quite subjective.) It is a large part of A.W.'s "art" to destroy herself. The support crew's job is to load equipment and so on. Alcohol facilitates her job; however, it hinders the performance of the crew's jobs.
I think its funny she finds it perfectly fine to be drunk on the job but her crew cant chug a few backstage, c'mon Amy that's not cool.

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