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The British singer M.I.A. is very particular about her cheese.

As seen here, the performer's 2008 tour rider specifies that a tray of organic cheese be waiting in her dressing room. Included in the fromage array must be "Cave-aged Gruyere," which, according to one high-end retailer, has "a richer, much fuller flavor than other Swiss and French Gruyeres." And since "conditions in a cave are warmer and more humid," that creates an "earthy, rich flavor that you can't get under normal conditions."

In addition to cheese, the 31-year-old singer (real name: Maya Arulpragasam) demands that a selection of "quality chewy sweets and chocolates" includes eight Ferrero Rocher "gold balls." (2 pages)

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NOW I understand why she wore a burkha! UGLY!!!!!!

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