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Blondie Rider

It is nice to see that age has not dampened Debbie Harry’s punk rock spirit. At the age of 65, the platinum-haired singer still demands a rolling cart stocked with a liter of Grey Goose vodka, bottles of French and Californian wines, and Amstel, Corona, and Heineken beers, according to the 2009 Blondie tour rider excerpted here.

Her band, on the other hand, has softened considerably. The gentlemen of Blondie have apparently traded in their booze for tins of beluga caviar, packs of Activia yogurt, and an “assortment of RIPE gourmet-quality fresh fruits (MUST INCLUDE BANANA).” These are most likely used to make fruit smoothies in their “high quality vegetable & Fruit Juicing machine. VERY IMPORTANT." (2 pages)

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Growing up, I wanted to BE Debby Harry! Along with her music, she played such an awesome roll in the origional Hairspray as bratty Amber's overbearing mother! Unfortunately, I don't know that I agree with the grey goose, but hand me a smokey eye, a heine, and a mic any day!

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