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The rapper Drake is amassing hip-hop’s largest collection of electric hair trimmers, based on a review of the performer’s current tour rider.

Included in the 23-year-old recording star’s 2010 “Rider Requirements” is the demand that promoters provide him with Andis T-Outliner trimmers, which retail for about $45. So, when the close-cropped Drake (real name: Aubrey Graham) leaves the road after a tour, he apparently heads home with a suitcase full of trimmers.

Often billed as the sensitive new voice of hip-hop, Drake, whose lyrics speak of personal vulnerability, has a soft spot for “(4) dozen natural sented insense sticks” and “Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap,” a liquid lather that reportedly “tingles the body and clears the mind.”

While the half-Jewish Drake maintains a pork-free catering menu, some of his other demands are less kosher: He requires E-Z Wider rolling papers and one pack of Dutch Master President cigars. The presumable procurement of his marijuana, though, is not left to promoters.

On the beer/booze front, the rapper needs a bottle of Pinot Grigio, a case of Heineken, and bottles of Jack Daniel’s, Patron Silver tequila, and “1 bottle of Hennesy or Covourssier and Grey Goose.”

Drake also advises the stockpiling of speakers. “It seems silly,” the rider notes, but promoters should “bring more subs and amps that you think you should. Hip hop revolves around bass and volume.”

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