Florida Man's Fledgling Career At 7-Eleven Is Derailed By On-Duty Exposure Bust

Meet Mustafa Demiray.

Until yesterday, at least, the 25-year-old Floridian was employed at a 7-Eleven on Court Street in Bradenton.

Late Saturday evening, Demiray--two weeks into his job at the convenience store--was in the 7-Eleven along with a female employee with whom he had not previously worked. The woman, Demiray would reportedly tell cops, kept saying that she was bored and wanted to go home.

At one point, the woman sat down on a chair in a “small office/storage room” behind the cash registers. Demiray followed her inside.

Demiray, an arrest affidavit notes, told investigators that “since the woman was bored, he pulled out his penis and asked the victim if she wanted to give him a blowjob.” You know, as a way for them to jointly pass time on the lobster shift.

When the female worker declined to fellate him, Demiray “pulled his pants up.” Before exposing himself, Demiray advised, the woman gave him “a look” while she was on her cell phone.

Demiray was arrested early Sunday morning on a misdemeanor exposure charge. He was booked into the county jail, where he is being held in lieu of $150 bond. Demiray is scheduled for a court appearance on Wednesday.

The 7-Eleven where Demiray presumably used to work is pictured below.