Traveler Busted For Decking Female Security Guard, 74, In Carry-On Rage Incident

A Massachusetts man was arrested yesterday at a Logan Airport checkpoint after allegedly slamming his oversize backpack into the face of a 74-year-old female security worker who told him the item was too large to be carried onto his flight.

According to police, the woman was knocked to the ground by the blow to her head from Eric Brandhorst, a 53-year-old resident of Carlisle, a town 25 miles from Boston.

Brandhorst, who quickly walked away after decking the elderly worker, was tackled and taken into custody by a Massachusetts State Trooper who witnessed the 6:20 AM incident. Brandhorst, who was planning to fly to Denver, was arrested for assault and battery on a victim over the age of 60.

Surveillance photos (seen above) show Brandhorst, backpack in hand, talking to the uniformed officer and then walking away after knocking down the woman, who is not seen in the second image.

While being booked, Brandhorst told troopers that he was “aggravated” and made a “mistake” during the confrontation outside a Transportation Security Administration checkpoint.

The worker, who suffered bruising on her face, complained of “pain in her hip, knee, and shoulder caused by her hitting the floor,” police reported. As a result, she was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for additional examination.