"Mayor" Alec Baldwin Legally Decamped To Hamptons In Cunning Tax Avoidance Scheme

Reported New York City mayoral wannabe Alec Baldwin changed his “legal residency” from the Big Apple to the Hamptons as part of a tax avoidance scheme.

That revelation was made by the actor himself in a 1989 chat with Interview magazine.

Baldwin, who has been registered to vote in the Town of East Hampton since 1991, told Interview that he had changed his legal residency to Amagansett specifically because, “I didn't want to pay any New York City income taxes, and not just because I wanted to save the money.” Baldwin added, “I thought, ‘Why should I pay another set of taxes to a government that isn't doing what I want it to do with the money?’”

The purported Suffolk County resident--who seems to spend most of his time in Gotham--sent a message yesterday to his 2400 Twitter followers noting that, “It's a long way till November of 2013,” when voters will choose Michael Bloomberg’s successor.

While the 53-year-old performer has not declared his candidacy, strapped voters may embrace Baldwin’s long-held belief that city taxes are too damn high.

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Why the heck do we not have a flat tax where stuff like this can't happen. And why can't NYC and NY State live within it's means? Can't blame business for moving out because of taxes; how can you blame Baldwin.
Who cares what he says...clearly no one else really does. I mean...he has 2400 Twitter followers. 2400??? What a joke! I know grandmothers who have more followers than that!
No big surprise here. Most Hollywood liberals pay little if any tax. That goes doubly so for Hollywood producers who always manage to lose money, on paper, even with blockbusters. This long-running hypocrisy is well known at the IRS, but little mentioned in the MSM. Look no further than California's own list of deadbeat tax evaders. When you look at the public list of those who owe the most, you will find it with a huge contingent of entertainers, especially when you consider the population is over 37 million people. What's more is these are only those that got caught and now have tax liens on their estate.
He's a typical liberilized Jollywood hot shot that thinks his shait don't stink and likes useing the system to his best advantage. He wants all of the benefits, and amenities NYC has to offer but does'nt like playing ball and pay expenses (taxes etc) that come with the life style he enjoys. He must be a democ-rat and probably wears "silk panties" like his buddy Winer Snitzel the self processed pervert at large.
How often does a guy like you get laid. I'd be willing to bet it's not too often.
November 2013?? Does that mean we have to hear about this jerk for another two years!? I mean, I just recovered from having to hear about Trump all the time! Life is just unfair.
Another Democrat tax cheat. Why is this not "unexpected"?
Do you really want to go there and affix a political label to a tax avoider? Because "another Democrat tax cheat" sounds a lot better than "every Tax dodging Republican who votes to remove tax responsibility from the wealthiest Americans". This ain't really the issue for you to go after Democrats on, my friend...
Taxes are for the "little people" to pay. If you are important, like the aspiring mayor, then you act like other important people and don't pay for things and use whatever loopholes you can find to avoid taxes. I would not be surprised if he moves his residency to New York City, runs and loses, and moves back to the Hamptons. Or if he wins, moves his residency back after he is out of office. I have no objection to him getting out of New York City but trying to have it both ways with living there most of the time and wanting to run the place, and not paying for the services is obscene. Hopefully it will be brought to the voters attention during the primaries and he will be rewarded appropriately.