Meet The West Virginia Man With The World's Greatest Criminal Alias

A West Virginia man with the greatest alias ever is facing criminal charges for allegedly battering a cop after getting busted for huffing paint.

Glenn Allen Casdorph, 26, was collared Sunday after being spotted in a grassy field huffing spray paint. “Mr. Casdorph was located with large amounts of gold spray paint on and around his nose and mouth and his breath smelled like fresh spray paint,” according to a Magistrate Court criminal complaint.

Post-arrest, Casdorph allegedly kicked a Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office deputy and threatened the cop’s life. Seen in the above mug shot, Casdorph was charged with three misdemeanors.

Now on the alias.

As noted in the criminal complaint, the 6’ 5” Casdorph’s aka is “Casdorph The Destroyer.”

While the origin of nickname remains unclear, a TSG tipster contends that Casdorph was previously known as “Squirrel,” a far less menacing and medieval handle (and one that Casdorph reportedly disliked).

Previously, the best criminal alias was that of Stephen Sergio, a reputed New York mob associate known as “Sigmund the Sea Monster.”