Cops: Man Assaulted Pregnant Girlfriend Because She Didn’t Wish Him "Happy Father's Day"

Angered that his pregnant girlfriend “did not wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day’” when they awoke yesterday in a South Carolina motel, a man allegedly pushed the woman into a bathtub, punched her in the legs, and then dragged her across the floor, according to a police report.

Responding to an assault call at the Lancer Motel in Myrtle Beach, cops spoke with Crystal Blocker, 26, who said that Robert Lee Campbell, 26, roughed her up around 8 AM Sunday. “Technically they do not have a child together as of yet, but the victim stated that she is currently pregnant with his child,” reported patrolman A.M. Bellamy.

Blocker told the cop that Campbell “became upset at her because she did not wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day.” During an ensuing argument, Campbell, seen above, reportedly punched a hole in the bathroom door and caused other damage inside the motel room.

According to a Myrtle Beach Police Department report, Blocker said that Campbell “pushed her and she fell backwards into the bathtub.” After Blocker got up, Campbell allegedly “began dragging her towards the main door to the motel room where he then began punching her in the thighs.” Blocker added that after she called 911, Campbell grabbed her phone and threw it against a wall before departing the room.

Officer Bellamy reported that Blocker had “what appeared to be a small rug type burn to one of her elbows and a scrape across the top of one of her shins.”

During a subsequent interview at his parents’s house, Campbell “acknowledged that they had an argument because she didn’t wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day.’” He denied, however, striking Blocker or causing damage to the motel room. Campbell, who is nicknamed “Jolly” and has the word “Loyalty” tattooed on his neck, has been previously arrested for a variety of crimes, including grand larceny, fraud, loitering, auto theft, burglary, and narcotics possession.

Yesterday’s incident, however, did not add to his lengthy rap sheet. When presented with details of the reported Father’s Day assault, a judge decided not to pursue a misdemeanor charge against Campbell (apparently due to the he-said, she-said nature of the incident).