Walmart Flasher Flees After Female Victim Strikes Him In "Exposed Genitals"

A man pretending to be a Walmart employee exposed himself to a female shopper who “immediately reacted by striking the Suspect in his exposed genitals,” California police report.

The victim told cops that she was inside a Walmart Supercenter in Anderson, a city in northern California, when she was approached by the suspect. The woman initially thought the man was a worker since he was “pointing out where items were located in the store,” according to the Anderson Police Department.

“The Suspect then asked the Victim to look at something and exposed his genitals to the Victim,” noted investigators. The woman responded by striking the offender below the belt (though police did not specify how she delivered the blow).

Cops described the perpetrator, who fled Walmart following the genital strike, as a heavyset, balding 25-year-old white male. But you probably knew that already.