Trump Flag Stolen From In Front Of Man’s Home, He Suspects Suburban Antifa Cell

A Florida Man who told police that his Donald Trump flag was stolen from his front yard also reported discovering a handwritten message in his mailbox “referencing Antifa” that warned “we are here” and “we are watching.”

Mark Mazzarella, 69, called cops Friday morning to report the flag theft, which occurred the prior evening, according to a police report. Mazzarella, a registered Republican, lives on a quiet Vero Beach street.

Upon discovering his flag missing, Mazzarella found a sheet of paper mentioning Antifa and the purported monitoring of his residence by members of the shadowy organization that does not exist.

The flag pilfering probe is inactive since “there was no tangible evidence left at the scene and there were no close by cameras that could have assisted the investigation.”

The note--which police took from Mazzarella--did not seem to be the product of some menacing, black-clad militants. “The handwriting,” cops noted, “appears to be that of a child.”