Atlanta Cops Arrest Man For Role In Brutal Street Beating Caught On Tape

Police early today arrested one of the gang members suspected of participating in the brutal beating of an Atlanta man, the harrowing video of which has gone viral.

Christopher Deon Cain, 18, was taken into custody around midnight and charged with aggravated assault and robbery in connection with the February 4 assault of Brandon White, 20, outside a convenience store in Atlanta’s Pittsburgh neighborhood.

Cain, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, is being held without bail in the Fulton County jail.

In announcing Cain’s arrest, Atlanta cops offered no further details about his alleged role in the attack on White, which is being investigated by the FBI as a possible hate crime since at least one assailant (and two bystanders) referred to White as a “faggot” during the assault.

Based on a review of the videotape, it appears Cain can be seen at the clip’s outset wearing a black ski cap and a gray hooded sweatshirt. He announces, “Jack City, no faggots,” prior to White being ambushed as he exited the store, which has long been a gathering spot for members of a local gang known as the Pittsburgh Jack City Gang.

During the assault, the assailant in the gray sweatshirt appears to pick up White’s cellphone, which was knocked from his left hand when he was initially struck in the face by another attacker. After kicking White several times while he was on the ground, the man in the sweatshirt punches him in the head with the phone clenched in his fist.

Aided by tips from the public, investigators have identified two other suspects in the attack, both of whom are the subject of arrest warrants.