Larry, Take A Seat Over There. And Leave Your Bible In The Cooler.

Arriving last Thursday for what he thought would be a sexual encounter with a 13-year-old girl, a California man toted a small cooler containing all the items needed for his illicit rendezvous at the teen’s home.

As detailed in an FBI affidavit, Larry Gorbet, 32, was carrying:

* condoms

* warming lubricating jelly

* a digital camera

* a tripod

* marijuana

* pot brownies

* a Bible

While the first six items on the list are understandable for perverts like Gorbet, it is unclear why he was toting a copy of the Good Book.

Perhaps he planned on reading Scripture with the girl after he finished using her thighs as “earmuffs until she begged him to be inside of her,” as he wrote in one text to the girl (the role of which was being played by an undercover officer).

Gorbet, pictured at left, was named yesterday in a federal felony complaint charging him with seeking to engage in sexual activity with a minor. A review of Gorbet’s Facebook page shows that, two weeks before his arrest, he posted a link to a chart listing ages of consent in countries around the world, as well as the 50 states.