Why Has Donald Trump Been Saying His Father Was Born In Germany?

4/2/19 UPDATE: Speaking to reporters today in the Oval Office, Trump declared that, “my father is German, was German. Born in a very wonderful place in Germany.”

Among the many things Donald Trump appears confused about these days is the matter of where his own father was born.

During his just-concluded triumphal swing through Europe, the 72-year-old Trump told an interviewer that both his parents were born in countries that are now components of the European Union. “Don’t forget both my parents were born in E.U. sectors, okay? I mean, my mother was Scotland, my father was Germany," Trump said. "And you know I love those countries.”

During a press conference during the NATO summit in Brussels, Trump again cited his familial ties to Europe. “I have great respect for Germany,” said Trump. “My father is from Germany.” He added that, “Both my parents are from the E.U., despite the fact that they don’t treat us well on trade.”

But while Trump’s mother Mary was, in fact, born in Scotland in 1912, his father was not a German citizen. Frederick Trump--who would go on to distinguish himself by getting arrested at a KKK rally and conspiring with Donald to keep blacks out of their Brooklyn apartment buildings--was actually born in the Bronx in October 1905.

TSG dispatched a team of investigators in search of the elder Trump’s birth certificate--and they cannot believe what they're finding! Actually, we sent a reporter to New York City’s Municipal Archives to look through old Department of Health microfilm reels.

And, as seen above, there is a long-form birth certificate to prove it (click to enlarge).

The elder Trump, who died in 1999 at age 93, was born in his family’s apartment at 539 East 177 Street. His parents, Fred (a barber) and Elizabeth, were German immigrants. Trump’s birthplace appears to have been among the many buildings seized via eminent domain to clear the way for the Cross Bronx Expressway, the handiwork of Robert Moses, Gotham’s original “master builder.”